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Complete Dentures

Model of dentures for dental demonstrations Complete dentures are an affordable, noninvasive way to replace most or all of your teeth. Our team of professionals at Central Dental Specialists is happy to help you determine if dentures are the best option for your particular needs.

What Are Complete Dentures?

A denture is a removable set of prosthetic teeth attached to an acrylic base that fits in your gums using suction. While removable partial dentures are used for patients who still have some healthy teeth remaining, removable complete dentures are used to replace an entire arch or both arches of teeth. Complete dentures are held in place using suction, so there are no dental implants or bridges involved. For this reason, dentures are a good option for patients who want an affordable, less invasive alternative to reconstructive dental surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Complete Dentures

Complete dentures provide many of the same benefits as other reconstructive treatment options. They restore the look of your smile, which has a significant impact on your self-confidence. Dentures also improve your ability to chew and speak normally and help retain the structural integrity of your mouth and jaw. And because there is no surgery involved in getting dentures (other than extraction of any remaining damaged teeth), they are a good option for patients who might not be healthy enough for surgery or for those who would simply prefer a less invasive form of treatment.

The main disadvantages of dentures are their limited durability and the amount of maintenance involved in caring for them. Since dentures are secured in place using only the suction of your gums as opposed to a strong apparatus such as a dental implant, they will not completely prevent your jaw from changing shape over time. As your jaw changes shape, your dentures will not fit as well as they did initially, and you will need to have them refitted and replaced every few years. And unlike with crowns, bridges, and veneers, you cannot care for dentures the same way you would for your natural teeth. You are supposed to remove your dentures at night to clean them using a specialized cleaner, brush, and soaking solution. Some patients find it difficult or frustrating to keep up with the maintenance required or are embarrassed at the prospect of having to remove their dentures every night.

What is the Process for Getting Complete Dentures?

If you are interested in getting complete dentures, please set up a consultation with our team. At your appointment, we will extract any remaining damaged teeth that are left in the arch your dentures will be replacing, if applicable. Then we will take impressions of your mouth and gums, which will be sent to a lab in order to fabricate your custom set of dentures. Once your dentures are ready, you will return to our office to make sure they fit comfortably. It might take some time to get accustomed to the way your new dentures feel. We will answer any questions you may have and give you detailed information on how to care for and clean your dentures, how long you should wear them each day, what you will and will not be able to eat initially, and what to expect with your dentures in the long term.

If you need to replace one or both arches of your teeth and are interested in learning more about complete dentures, call Central Dental Specialists at (781) 438-6618 today.

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